Day 11 – Bus Adventures

After a good night’s rest we had mostly recovered from our trip to Iguassu Falls.  By the time we got back to school it was time for lunch. We had an excellent polenta served with a beef stew.


After lunch for our devotion we read Psalm 93.  Verse 4 from this Psalm was posted on a plaque at Iguassu Falls.  Just yesterday we had heard the thundering waters and witnessed the power of their might, but today they were just memories, albeit it, powerful ones.  Nevertheless, the postscript on the plaque, “God is always greater than all of our troubles” is what caught our attention today.  Hadassah related that when they returned home last night the water was out at their house.  After the long trip home this made her feel very discouraged.  Then she read her “verse of the day” which was I Peter 5:10: But the God of all grace …….. after you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, (and) settle you.  The little tests of life have an eternal purpose for us in perfecting and strengthening our faith.  Too often, we focus on these tests and the things that went badly during the day.  If we always seek to find the blessings that God has provided during the day and are thankful for them, it will make our tests easier to bear and ensure that they work the perfection in us that God is seeking.


After lunch we went back to work painting the second story classrooms in the new building with a second coat of paint.  Unfortunately, once again, the paint fumes in the first classroom did not vent well, and Brian ran down to the local ferreteria (English: hardware store) and bought us some masks.


These helped some, but Brian and Steve still found the old fashioned t-shirt tied around your face worked the best.  Thankfully, the second and third classrooms seemed to have much better ventilation and the paint fumes were much less noticeable.


By the end of the day, we finished repainting the three classrooms, and we removed the painter’s tape.  Gabe taught the “newbies” the Adonai school painting tradition of creating a soccer ball out of the used painter’s tape.

After briefly admiring our completed work, we left school for the day.  Brian and Steve walked down to the “Lambaré Mall” to make some purchases and to use the gym there.  Brian is an enthusiastic proponent of the local bus system, so the plan was to take the bus back to San Antonio where they could get dropped off at the secondary road leading to the Las Garzas neighborhood where Oscar and Karen live.  Oscar told them that they could take either the 32 or the 38 bus to get home.  After they finished their workout at the gym, they went outside and waited for these buses, when neither arrived in the time period that they expected, they walked back to the stoplight at the entrance to the suburb of Lambaré and after about a 15 minute wait caught one of the buses indicated.  It so happened that one of the other passengers sitting next to them on the bus spoke English, so he and Brian became engaged in a conversation.  Suddenly, Brian realized that the bus was no longer on the main road but was taking a side journey through another neighborhood.  Because he was no longer sure that the bus would take them where they wanted to go, he and Steve exited the bus at the next stop and spent another 15 minutes walking back to the main road between Lambaré and San Antonio.  At this point they tried to text Rod, who missed their text, and eventually sent a Snapchat to Hadassah who just happened to pick up her phone and see it.  Gabe was sent with the car to pick them up and bring them back to Oscar and Karen’s.   Needless to say, Brian did not convince Steve to become a raving fan of the local bus system.


For supper Karen made us “vori vori”.  “Vori” is a Guarani word (the native Paraguayan language before the Spaniards came and still spoken today) meaning “little balls”.   It is basically a chicken soup with matzo balls that is sprinkled with cheese or spices as per the consumer’s discretion.  The temperature dropped to 77 degrees Fahrenheit today after hitting a high of “only” 91 degrees, so a soup was appropriate for such a “cold” day in Paraguay.  We agreed that it hit the spot for us.


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